I started my day with writing my  morning pages and  yoga. I thought I would feel better but I was miserable. All I could think about was everything that  happened to me the day before. I did not know what to do with myself but I had appointments to go to.  I turned off the tv and finished my cup of coffee.

As I drove  I remembered a conversation I had  with someone whereby they told me to make an effort to notice small things. I started by counting the election posters I saw  on  lamp poles, I saw three people standing by the corner laughing and a blue car coming out of the drive way.

After my appointment I felt better about getting out of the house and doing something new and for myself. My next stop was the grocery store to get the ingredients for the meal I was to prepare for my guests tomorrow.

I stepped out of the store with a trolley and a car guard approached me offering to take the trolley to the car. I refused his assistance because I did not want to pay him. I thought I could pack the groceries in the car myself.

As I finished loading the groceries  I closed the boot. I did not realise I had left my car keys in there. I started checking my bag thinking I could have made a mistake but I could not find the keys in my bag. 
As I was waiting for assistance I noticed how calm I was. Usually I would be panicking and all over the place but I just stood there and waited.

All I could think of was I should have allowed the car guard to push the trolley. 

I had to remind myself that there was nothing I could do to change the situation. Help was on it’s way. I just had to be patient.

It took less than five minutes to open the car. I thanked the gentlemen and we went our separate ways. I drove home thinking how lucky I am.

Usually I focus on the negative aspects of my life but there are two important things I have learned from today’s incident

  • I have a support system.
  • I can handle pressure.

I could not have asked for more than that. 

Let’s keep moving and learning.

Until next time