Sometimes we do not know how our life will turn out. All you have to do is take a leap of faith , hold on tight to what you believe in and see the fruit of your labour come to pass.

This is a story of how one person changed their circumstances through hard work and perseverance.

They met at University. I only met him a year later into their relationship.  I don’t remember what he was studying at the time  but all I could see was a young man determined to give his best with every opportunity offered to him.

After his studies he decided to work in his family business as he was not sure of what he wanted to do but that did not deter him from doing what he could to live his best life. He was transferred to  Bloemfontein.

 He would have to leave his girlfriend behind but they made a plan to make the relationship work. They would alternate by visiting each other over the weekends.

After spending some time in Bloemfontein he decided to come back home and started working and living in Pretoria. He knew that working for his family will be short term so the plan was to  start looking for other ways to earn an income.

Some business ventures were successful but others were not so successful. There was never a time where I saw him give up. 

He was a true reflection of a person determined to succeed no matter what circumstances he was facing at the time.
A few years later he decided to study for his law degree through correspondence. 

As time went by I noticed how he stopped everything else so that he could concentrate on getting the law degree.

After graduating, he started applying to different companies he was interested in to do his articles with.  When he got an acceptance  letter from one of the companies ,  we were excited for him. He has never been a man who showed his emotions but I could sense the relief he had at being offered the position.

During his articles he proposed to his girlfriend . In March 2015, the  10th year of their relationship they got married and later on he would learn that the company would be offering him a permanent position after his articles were done.

On the 1st of August 2016 he was sworn in as a lawyer. 

My brother in law has been through quite a lot over the years but I am so proud of his achievements.

 I am reminded constantly that there are no limits in what you need to do to make your  dreams come true.

Until next time