It was around 5pm on a Sunday afternoon. She knew it was time to prepare for the next day. She stood in front of her closet trying to figure out what she was going to wear. She decided on the formal top and black trousers.

As soon as she was done she took a shower. The pain on her neck was killing her. She remembered what she did the last time to ease the pain and started working on it. The temperature of the water was soothing on her neck, she started feeling better.

She turned on the tv to see if there was anything interesting to watch while waiting for the 8pm movie. There was nothing. She just left it on to distract her and pass time.

The movie turned out to be a disappointment and a waste of time. Her neck was throbbing. She turned off the tv, said her prayers and turned to her phone to find out what was new in the celeb world.

She woke up and prepared for the day. She looked herself in the mirror and reminded herself of what she needed to do when she got there. She  prepared herself mentally of what lay ahead.  She got dressed and started working on her hair. She struggled a bit with it as she could not get her hair to form the style she had in mind.  She did not have enough time to fix it. She decided to leave it and was prepared for  whatever comment was thrown her way.

As she was driving, she felt the emptiness of the  streets.  Whenever she passed a school she noticed that there were no children on the school property. She remembered a holiday was coming up so probably the schools were closed for the day.

She got to the gate, looked around for the remote control and opened it. There was nobody in sight. Usually someone was there before she arrived. As she locked her car door to get inside she heard the gate open and a bakkie drive in behind her. She opened the door, turned on the lights and went into the kitchen to turn on the kettle for a cup of coffee.

When she looked at her phone to check the time it read 7:45.  They had 15 minutes before the day could start. They stood outside, cups in one hand and a cigarette in another, had a chat about what they did over the weekend and what was expected of the day.

As they finished their coffee the gate opened again and someone else drove in. Their colleague got out of the car, she was coughing. They greeted her and asked her how come we were in when everybody else was sitting at home. They teased her about not having enough authority to get the office a day off.

They went into the office as it was time to work . She went to their office and reminded them to work on the amended quote for a client they spoke to on Friday. After the quote was done she returned to her desk and saw she was copied on the email sent to the client.

The colleague sitting opposite her was coughing badly and blowing her nose. She began to worry about getting sick. She could not get sick as she had travel plans in two weeks.

She did not want to get close to her. She was paranoid that she will get sick immediately. She did not have a choice as she had to discuss what she was working on and make sure she was happy with it before she could forward it to the client.

Everything was going according to plan. She was giving it her all as she promised that she would.

All of a sudden things went horribly wrong. She  received a parcel from a supplier. This was to be delivered to the client by the end of the week. She went to their office to ask them to help her look at it and make sure they were happy before they could deliver it to the client.

She went to the store room to pick up a laptop and brought it to them. They started giving her a hard time because she could not do one thing on the laptop. She heard someone say that they will not assist until she figured it out herself.

As they looked at the end product she mentioned how the client needs to approve this as they will be the only ones who know what they are looking for.

They agreed to send one clip to the client for approval.

Before they could do that, one of them noticed something wrong with the laptop. They scanned it for viruses. After the scan was done she told him what it said but was not sure of what it meant.

He went to check on it and rebooted the machine. When he tried to open the disc they were working on he noticed that the material on the disc was wiped out.

She had to make an urgent call to the supplier, inform them of what had happened and find out if they still had the work saved on their system. She was relieved and organised to call them after the holiday.

She was tired and upset. She couldn’t understand what had happened and  tried to find someone to blame. She realised there was nothing left to do. All she could do was wait until they got back from the holiday to do something about it.

It was time to close up. She took her bag and checked that everything was locked. She was told not to lock as someone needed to use the bathroom. She waited outside and put the keys on the door. They set the alarm, turned off the lights and locked behind them.

She said goodbye and wished them a restful holiday.

As she reversed her car she noticed one of them looking her and started moving towards the store. She drove out and started to think of the day. She felt sad of how her day turned out.

While she was driving she remembered someone advising her to always make sure that she can find an exit to whatever situation she found herself in.

She turned on the radio and the song Rise by  Katy Perry came on.

She listened to the words of the song and forced herself to think about what the words meant to her.

“This is no mistake, no accident

When you think the final nail is in

Think again

Don’t be surprised

I will still rise”

She had found her exit. She put the volume up,  sang along to the song, looked straight ahead and decided to leave the day she had behind.

Until next time