​It was lunch time and she was going to the store and asked if we wanted anything from the store.  We weren’t sure what we wanted and asked if she could let us know what options we had to choose from. She called to let us know  that they did not have a lot but the elderly lady from the store informed her about the salad they were preparing. We  decided on the salad and she ordered it for us. She came back and told us our order would be ready in 30 minutes. When it was time to pick up the order I offered to go get it. 

I walked straight to the counter and saw the elderly lady behind it. I asked her if the order was ready.

Before she could answer me I heard her say ”Good afternoon, how are you?”  I stopped talking because I realised how rude I was for not greeting her. I responded to her greeting and she told me that the order will be ready in the next fifteen minutes. I decided to wait instead of coming back for it.

While she was checking on the order I heard a person laughing from behind the counter. I could not see the person because she was seated. I felt uncomfortable as I stood there because the person she was talking and laughing with stared at me as he walked past me.

The person I heard laughing stood up and Iooked at me. I could not believe what I saw. She was beautiful. I admired her beauty. She was dressed casually, in  a jean and a top and yet the outfit made her look amazing. I felt unattractive as I looked at her.  She had this confidence about her that I wish I had.

The elderly lady came back to ask if we had salad dressing that we could use . I told her we did not. I wanted to leave and told her that she should not worry about the order anymore. She told me to wait as she was going to make a plan.

I watched as people come into the store, pay for what they needed and left. I began to be irritated for the time it took to get our order ready and I thought of just leaving but I knew that it would not be the right thing to do.

The lady returned to her seat and a gentleman came to the counter

“Hi, can I talk to you for a moment?”He asked

”You can talk sir, I can hear you from where I am seated” she responded

I knew what he wanted from her. She was beautiful and I thought it would be weird if the guys coming to the store did not notice her.

The elderly lady came out and asked the gentleman if he needed assistance.  He said no, all he wanted to do was talk to the lady and he has spoken to her.

She nodded and continued checking on my order.

The lady he was speaking to stood up and told the elderly lady that she was going to the bathroom.  She passed me and took some paper and threw it at her colleague in a jokingly manner.

Our order was ready , I was relieved not to see her come out of the bathroom and happy to be able to pay and leave the store.

I did not think about this incident until I got home.

There is something I do not like about myself and have not put any effort to change it or the way I look. I have always been the kind of person who does not care about what other people think about my appearance. The only problem with that is I began to neglect myself.

People have been trying for years to advise me on changing and I have had a nonchalant attitude about it.

I am beginning to worry about it now.

It does not take much time to make an effort on how I look. It’s time I took care of that.

Until next time.