“I am going to start a blog”

“What are you going to write about?”

“I am not sure yet but I will figure something out.”

It’s been months now since I started the blog but I was struggling with a theme for the blog. I was irritated for not being able to find a topic that I could write about.

I was also intimidated by other people’s blogs thinking that I could not measure up to what they had to offer.

I have been trying to find my own voice in this blogging sphere.

I began to be afraid and decided to give up as I thought blogging was not for me.

A while back I had a conversation with my sister regarding my writing. She said something that stuck with me “probably writing is not meant for you. A hobby should be something you enjoy doing instead of seeing it as a burden.”

After our conversation I thought that this was a sign that I made the right decision to give up blogging but I continued  reading other people’s work.

No matter how much I wanted to give up something inside of me just couldn’t. I knew I wanted to write but I needed to approach it differently. The only way I could do that was to stop comparing myself to other people and putting pressure on myself to deliver daily.

Shonda Rhimes reminded me of something in her interview with Fast Company regarding the writing process

How would you describe your writing process in general?

” When it comes time for me to write I don’t outline and I don’t do any of that stuff. I just sit down and write. If it’s not honest emotionally then it’s not good, and that is the only rule.” 

I decided to give writing a chance but I knew I needed to do it my own way.

I still struggled with what I was going to write about when the thought of my letters to God crossed my mind. 

These were my private thoughts and moments with the Lord that I started a few months ago.

I had questions though like, was this the right thing to do?  Was I using my relationship with God as a blog theme? What would other people’s reaction be? 

The times I spend with him made me open up and to be honest with what I was feeling. In that space I knew that I did not have to be afraid or think negative thoughts about myself. I was speaking to my creator and I knew I was going to be fine.