“Saying yes… Saying yes is courage.

Saying yes is the sun

Saying yes is life”

Shonda Rhimes

She was into the book she was reading when she got an invitation to supper the other night.

Her plans were to plait her hair and sit in the house.

No, she said

“When last did you see him?”

“At the braai” she replied

She wanted to stay home but her other reason for not going was she did not want to spend another night with them.

I will see him another time, she spoke to herself as she continued plaiting her hair.

She stopped a little while and remembered promising to see him during the holidays. 

As she finished her hair, she brushed her teeth and knew she needed to see him. She turned the light on and closed the door behind her.

While she was driving she felt comfortable behind the wheel than she did in the morning when she was running errands.

She had made it. She saw his car and knew she was happy she decided to join them for dinner.

They were cleaning the house when she arrived and asked her if she wanted the t.v. stand as they had replaced it with a new one.

She excused herself and went down to the car to light a cigarette. While she was smoking she heard laughter coming from the house. These were people she cared about and they were enjoying each other’s company.

She saw them coming to the car with the t.v. stand. She opened the boot, placed her seats down to ensure that the stand could fit into her car.

A while later everyone was ready, they locked the door behind them and it was time to go.

She was uncomfortable with her hairstyle. Before she left her place she thought they were having dinner at their house. She did not realise they were going out to eat. There was nothing she could do to change it. She decided to leave her hair alone.

They arrived at the restaurant and ordered something to drink. She turned to him to find out how he was settling in at his new job and different city.

He was happy. He did complain about how quiet the town was. He had to clean his own place, cook for himself and do his own laundry. They laughed at him because now he understood the meaning of growing up and taking care of oneself. Otherwise he was enjoying what he was doing.

The service at the restaurant was slow. The kitchen staff is busy tonight was the response they received from the waiter.

After the meal they decided to go bowling. She hadn’t been bowling for a long time, she knew she would enjoy herself.

The scores were up. She was in second place. They left the area around 23:00 and drove home. She got out of the car, thanked everyone for a stunning evening and drove home..

She got to her place around midnight and lit a cigarette.

 She was happy and content.

She was happy she had said yes.