She wakes up listening to the rain outside her window. 

She gets up and makes her bed.

She walks to the kitchen, fills the bottle with water to drink.

She pours the water into the kettle and waits for it to boil for her morning coffee.

She takes her coffee and puts it on the table as she sits down to finish the story she was reading a few hours ago.

She is distracted by the bag she left on the floor the night before and starts wondering when she will have a chance to deliver it.

It’s raining, I can do it tomorrow, the excuse comes to her mind.

She regrets not going the day before when the weather allowed.

She ignored the bag on the floor and continued reading her story.

An hour later she noticed the rain had stopped. 

She stands up from where she was sitting and goes to the bathroom to get ready before the rain starts again.

She takes her car keys and puts the bag in her car.

As she is driving she thinks of what she will be doing next week.

She is excited because she will be able to see them again. She is looking forward to the human contact she has been missing for the past week.

She has been in the house reading. She misses talking to someone. She misses laughing with someone.

She reaches her destination and drops off the bag.

She takes the slips and drives to the atm to withdraw the money for the package she will be collecting the next day.

While there she thought she might as well pass by  the store and get things for the house.

When she wanted to pay the cashier told her she could not help  and asked her if  she could go to another cashier who was not busy.

She looks around and finds that the cashier at the kiosk has only one customer. She waits for her to finish with the gentleman she was helping.

When it was her turn, she puts a smile on her face, greets the cashier and puts the goods on the counter. 

She leaves the store and drives back home.