​She is driving home after a long day at work. She turns on the radio and the host repeats the topic for those listeners who have just joined her  “What is the most embarrassing / honest thing your child has said to you in front of people?”

She is trying to listen to the callers comments but is distracted about her  situation. She loves listening to the afternoon drive show but today,  she was not interested in what other people had to say. She was irritated and decided to turn it off for a little while to have a chance to think. A short while later she is bothered by her thoughts and turned it on again to be free from what was going on in her mind.

She is on time to catch up on the news of the day. The traffic is not moving, the cars behind her are moving closer to her bumper she feels tired from a sleepless night.  To keep her awake she opens a window to get some cold air on her face.

After the news a beat starts playing in the background, she does not recognize the song immediately until the artist starts singing the lyrics.

She is excited as she has not heard the song in a long time. She pumps up the volume, sits up straight on her seat, moves her whole body and sings along  to the song.

I swear it ain’t another love song 

Gotta motivate you

Here we go

All I need is just one moment

All I need is just one chance

I know I was made for something

Nothing here is left to chance

It’s not about how much you fall

Or about how much you slip

So when they say that things are over

Tell them this is part of your plan

I’m gonna rise again

Rise again

When you thought it was all over

When you thought it was the end

Rise again 

When you thought it was all over

When you thought it was the end

I’m gonna rise again 

Rise – by liquiddeep

She senses her mood changing immediately. Her mind is clearing up from all the distractions, even her body language has changed. She is sitting comfortably on her seat, her back is straight and she has pushed her shoulders back.

There is a smile on her face.

She feels herself getting better in that moment.

When she looks in the rearview mirror, cars that were close to her, have kept their distance. She knew why but she did not mind at all. She needed her space.

The  thoughts on her mind she had a  few minute ago were long forgotten. She is enjoying the comfortable feeling and keeps her own pace on the road.

Even after the song was finished, she continued singing the chorus in her head. The song made a difference to her mood.

She mouthed thank you Lord because she was tired of feeling the pain and burden she had carried for the past two weeks, not knowing if it would be sorted out.

Yeah when I get back up high

I put my feet back on the ground

I’ll step back up right now

I’ll stand back up right now

When you find yourself falling

Just stand up and rise again

Rise again

Her situation remains the same, she still has no answer for it all but at that moment she was grateful to see some small light at the end of the tunnel. 

She knew there was hope and the only thing she has to do now is to wait until the situation passes and to get ready to rise again.