My #wcw this week is author Pamela Power.

I watched an episode of  Real Talk with Anele last week, her guest was writer and script editor  –  Pamela Power

Anele first came across Pamela’s book Msconception when she was on maternity leave.

She enjoyed her writing and was looking forward to interviewing her. 

This was part of the interview

Pamela grew up in Harare Zimbabwe

She loved drama and studied dance.

She studied Shona for five years when she was young.

Her work also involves being a writer for tv shows Generations and Muvhango.

She was a director for a show called  Top Billing. “I was a terrible director for the show.”

Her father worked as a manager at a department store.

Her mother was a house wife, involved in church but was also a dancer at a young age. 

Her parents did not get a chance to read her work.

One lesson she learned from her parents is unconditional love for yourself which she hopes to impart to her children and  other people.


She went to the library to read books a lot. Her parents were big readers.

On stand up comedy

“Comedy is scary. When you get it right it is the best feeling in the world.”

She almost died on stage when her uncle who is a priest came to watch her comedy show on religion. She did not know he was going to be there.


“You have to continue writing even though your work sucks.”

People she prefers not read her work are people from her parents church.

On her book – Msconception

Digitally released in 2012 and released again 2015.

Finding story lines

“I have many voices in my head. The voices are quite loud.”

Process on getting a book deal

“Send out a lot of your work.”

“You have to have thick skin, as there is a lot of rejection in this business.”

New book – Delilah now trending

The book touches on school bullying.

Her daughter gave her a lot of input on what children go through at school.

“As parents, we worry if our child is a bully, instead of if a child is being bullied.”

An autobiography she would like to write about

She would like to write her family story.

“You find out things about your family, I wish I get a chance to know more.”